Computer Basics

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The Internet Explained:

The World Wide Web

Internet Basics - The World Wide Web (Interactive video) (Primary)

Computer Vocabulary:

Interactive Glossary: Defining the Net

Computers for Kids

Computer Hardware Definitions

Computer Terms Bingo

Growing with Technology

Basic Vocabulary Words

Computer Basics Tutorial

Computer Abbreviations

Computer Vocabulary Interactives: (4-5th Grade)

Computer Abbreviations:
Computer Vocabulary Flash Cards:
Computer and internet Terminology
Computer parts hangman
Computer Essentials

Microsoft Office:

Powerpoint in the Classroom
Powerpoint Basic Skills
Powerpoint Tutorial
Microsoft Office 2007 Tutorial

Little Tech Bag of Tricks
Basic rules for creating a Powerpoint presentation

PPT Tutorials:

Powerpoint presentation:
Powerpoint Basic Skills:
Basic Skills:
Powerpoint Tutorial :
Microsoft Office 2007 Powerpoint tutorial:


Getting to Know your Computer

History of Computers:

Computer History Museum
Very Brief History of Computers
Milestones in Computer Development
Computer History

Internet Basics:

Internet Basics Bee

Computer Hot Buttons:

CTRL+z -- undo CTRL+y -- redo CTRL+a -- select all CTRL+x --cut CTRL+c --copy CTRL+v --paste CTRL+p – print CTRL+s --save